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Thomas Residence – Custom Kitchen/Dining Remodel. Charlotte, NC

The client wished for a totally new modern kitchen that reflected their lifestyle. The final design involved removing a load-bearing wall between the original kitchen and dining area, a new kitchen ceiling, a new redesigned kitchen window, a new entrance to a home theater suite and the addition of a small pantry. The design was informed by a concept that alluded to the clients' professions in the entertainment industry. Cabinets and appliance form and colors were used unconventionally to reflect the concept. The wall was replaced by a custom bar island that was designed to create a visual boundary/entrance to the kitchen area, once again informed by ...

Custom Kitchen/Dining: Waxhaw NC

Custom kitchen/wet bar design. Custom master bath, Waxhaw, NC  

Mid Century Vibe, downtown Charlotte, NC.

Minimal MCM makeover - Entrance vestibule as office space / Master Bedroom Design with feature "Modular Art" wall and custom designed TV Media console.

Johnson Residence: Modern Custom Kitchen Design, Charlotte, NC.

"Red Time Continuum" Custom modern kitchen in Charlotte, NC, the result of a successful collaboration between designer and a client with the desire for a very contemporary kitchen on a mid range budget. The subsequent design was a juggling act to allocate funds in a very specific way to create a great functioning space with a wow factor.  

Traditional Luxury Residence: NC

30,000 SQ FT TRADITIONAL HOME, nc.... Under Construction: https://www.starnewsonline.com/article/20100918/articles/ 100919613&tc=yahoo?p=1&tc=pg A departure from the norm for Freespace Design who is the sole interior architectural designer on this large, high end, traditional, Tuscan inspired mansion. Almost 10 years in the making to date Geri Eaker has designed and detailed every single room including all floor, walls, ceilings, all custom cabinetry, moldings, paneling, stairs, and has produced all construction and detail drawings, she is now finalizing the complete color and finish schedule. She was also instrumental in the design of ...

“Finn” Pendant Light

Custom designed Low Voltage Pendant light fixture Materials: Stainless Steel, Hand Blown Glass, Aluminium.

“Finn” Chair

Materials: Steel, White Oak, Plexiglas with Salmon skin upholstery.


SHELBY - CLEVELAND COUNTY REGIONAL AIRPORT, Shelby NC Interior Design Consultant for The City of Shelby, NC.  Architect: MBAJ Architecture. An integral part of the current economic development plan for Cleveland County, North Carolina, the 5,000sq ft airport terminal building was officially opened in September 2010. As the main gateway to the City of Shelby for a number of corporations currently located in the area and for those looking for potential business locations, it was important to create the right first impression for both corporate executives and pilots by providing a comfortable, well equipped modern facility, as well as an exciting ...

Retail: Earl Scruggs Center

Brand showing the Center's logo designed into the tile floor and use of the logo color scheme. The Earl Scruggs Center: Music & Stories from the American South opened in early 2014 and celebrates the rich cultural history and heritage of Cleveland County reflective of the American South through the lens of the life of Cleveland County native Earl Scruggs. Access to the Museum is via the small retail/information/ticket center that is housed in a former Well House situated on the historic Court square at the entrance to the Museum. A small space with a multi-function, it is designed to be as flexible as possible. All fixtures are bespoke and the ...

OFFICE UP FIT: Technical Associates, charlotte, nc

The concept for the design of this industrial space was derived from a 7-degree angle off-axis shift discovered while studying the floor plan. This angle was then applied on differing planes throughout the interior for wall graphics, floor patterns and the proportions of the custom designed reception desk and floating reflector clouds over the studio space. Shades of red, gray and white reflect the company Corporate colors.