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    Traditional Luxury Residence: NC

    30,000 SQ FT TRADITIONAL HOME, nc…. Under Construction: https://www.starnewsonline.com/article/20100918/articles/


    A departure from the norm for Freespace Design who is the sole interior architectural designer on this large, high end, traditional, Tuscan inspired mansion. Almost 10 years in the making to date Geri Eaker has designed and detailed every single room including all floor, walls, ceilings, all custom cabinetry, moldings, paneling, stairs, and has produced all construction and detail drawings, she is now finalizing the complete color and finish schedule. She was also instrumental in the design of the windows, all custom stonework, custom doors and exteriors finishes. Possibly one of the few large houses of this type that will be built for some time to come. For construction details please read above article.