A Euro-Modern Interior Design Agency.

    Modern Lake House, Charlotte NC

    Award winning Modern Lake Househttps://bltawards.com/winner/hm/2023/132-20778-23/0/

    Featured in multiple publications including:

    The Wall Street Journal: https://www.wsj.com/articles/modern-north-carolina-home-c4de119d

    Architectural Digest: https://www.witteha.us/news/2024/1/3/architectural-digest-legends-only

    Archello: https://archello.com/project/gerendak

    “The team brought on Geri Eaker of Freespace Design to incorporate and extend the architect’s design intentions into the interior design and detailing of the kitchen, bathrooms, and all the built-ins, as well as most of the furnishings. In the process Eaker introduced new ideas and concepts about residential living, as well as a rich material palette, detailing, and unique solutions to intimate practicalities. Geri Eaker points out that: “its’ the details that are important, subliminally, or otherwise. Your hands, your eyes – they pick up on it. Details inform everything.”

    Design Milk: https://design-milk.com/gerendak-residence-where-architecture-blends-music-and-nature/

    “Geri Eaker from Freespace Design lent her interior design expertise, helping to bring the architect’s vision to life while creating spaces that seamlessly blend style and functionality.”

    Mansion Global: https://www.mansionglobal.com/articles/their-cookie-cutter-home-wasnt-cutting-it-anymore-so-this-north-carolina-couple-started-over-dc2f2dca