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    Rustic Modern: Finding the Balance

    Modern Log CabinWe have all been there before; creatively caught between the rock and the hard space. The space I’m referring to my interior design darlings is that of the charmingly rustic home and in this particular scenario, the “rock” would be the desire to modernize. So just how can you maintain the innate character of rustic spaces while simultaneously trying to bring them into the 21st century? The answer my friends is simple, simplicity.
    Now I’m certainly not implying that you should limit your design choices in any way, I merely aim to remind you that less truly is more in regards to this versatile style. In order to successfully combine both organic and industrial elements, we must always remember that aesthetic functionality is the primary objective.
    For example, this cabin renovation via FreeSpace Design is an ideal example of the harmony found in rustic modern spaces. Interior Designer Geri Cruickshank Eaker completed the log cabin update in 2013.While the exterior is quaint in appearance, the interior of this home in  North Carolina will pleasantly surprise you.

    Rustic Kitchen Modern Makeover:

    Kitchen before

    Before kitchen, traditional style and not really working with the rustic cabin aesthetic. Clearly it was time for a change. The traditional and overbearing cabinetry did not work for the space initially. With most materials locally sourced, Geri utilized near-by businesses for the majority of the furnishings. Q Fine Cabinetry Inc. was able produce the custom replacement cabinet doors with color and function.

     new doorskitchen 1HUNOVAL CABIN 8crop

    Employing another local source, The Sawmill LTD, Geri transformed this natural walnut slab into a unique and eclectic headboard for the cabin‘s master suite.









    The desk in the master bedroom was made from a combination of old scaffolding pipes and reclaimed wood from pallets, sourced online via Etsy, coming all the way from Manchester UK. This industrial piece adds a productive feel to the designated work space. 










    So let’s recap:Choose local, smaller businesses for sourcing some of the materials and this will ensure your space is truly unique.

    • Blend natural and industrial elements together to create tranquility, as well as functionality.
    • When it comes to designing a rustic modern space just remember to always keep it simple.

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    Olivia Neal

    Freespace design LLC