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    Article: Interior Design tips – An interview with Geri Eaker of Freespace Design LLC


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    DIY Interior Design Tips: An Interview with Geri Eaker of Freespace Design LLC

    By Geri Cruickshank Eaker

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    Please tell us a little about your company and the services you offer.

    Freespace Design LLC is an ASID award winning interior/architectural design consultancy specializing in contemporary residential and commercial design with projects in and around the Charlotte area, as well as coastal NC and SC. Residential projects can range from a few hundred sqft up to 30,000. We offer complete home custom remodels with a particular emphasis on custom kitchen and bath renovation, cabinetry, small extensions and exterior deck design.

    If someone is decorating their own home, what can help make it look like it was professionally designed?

    I suppose most folks will watch HGTV and consult home design magazines for guidelines but my advice would be to really look at the space you have and don’t try to recreate something out of context, trying to create an LA style beach house or a NY urban loft can be a challenge if you live in a typical one story suburban ranch house. Not that a ranch can’t be modernized but every very space has to be taken on its own merit and how it relates to any connecting spaces.

    What are some interior design elements that can give a sophisticated or elegant feel to your home?

    I really believe a major obstacle to elegance is clutter, a sophisticated look uses only what it needs, over accessorizing and using a multitude of colors and textures in a random sense can create too much visual noise. Regardless of style sophistication goes hand in hand with the “Less is More” concept, even when done with eclecticism in mind.

    How can people decide if a specific furnishing from a catalogue/store is right for a particular room or space?

    The scale of the piece has to be carefully considered as well as style, color and texture, especially if it has to compliment or even contrast with existing pieces of furniture. It really depends on the style the of space, or the style you’re hoping to create.

    What are some common color combinations that could work well in a modern house?

    Apart for the very minimal all white architectural feel, modern color schemes tend to work best around strategically placed shades of gray and work best with a coordinating bright accent(s). It’s important how the color is used in a space in relation to planes and volumes and how they interact with various light conditions. It’s more complex than just picking an accent wall and hoping for the best. Contrary to popular belief these spaces are not cold and can be beautifully offset with color and texture in the accent furniture, accessories and flooring, as well as carefully considered lighting.

    What advice would you give to homeowners who are redecorating and want to create a comfortable, resort-like environment?

    Pick a theme, do some research and be aware of the constraints of the space.

    What’s the best way for people to contact your company?

    The best way is to email: [email protected] or call: 704-418-1245.